May 7th, 2007


Hung up to dry

Where did the day go? I might be be able to trace its trajectory with some heat-sensing device. No breeze, no clouds, just the sun blazing down. A foretaste.

Day's gone now, though, and at least the evening at is cool. The frogs are still croaking, so they aren't out of water yet. But the moss on the mulberry tree withered back to dessicated brown awfully fast. I suppose we could still get more rain, but none is currently predicted. The pleasant little storm which we lately enjoyed is probably the one that spawned the tornado which destroyed the town in Kansas. I guess Midwesterners will be hoping for no more rain in California this year.

In grumpy Rejectomorph news: What's likely to end up even stupider than Wikipedia? Wiktionary! So, a biography which shows mere respect for its subject is hagiography? Undue reverence, certainly, but respect? Multiply this sort of thing by tens of thousands of words, and imagine the muddle. Oh, the folly of the Internets!

Oh, and news says that deleted journals are being purged (for the first time in ages.) So, if you guys have been using the deleted state as cold storage... cataract, lydiacoffin, m_leprae, nealok... and you haven't been undeleted within the last 30 days, prepare to meet your doom!