April 29th, 2007


Twice Shy

I watched the pale moon brighten as earth and its sky faded, and I listened to the evening cricket songs begin, and I inhaled the scent of the lawn, freshly cut so that it now more closely resembles my head (from which, a short time ago, I myself hacked much hair—but that's another story), and while I watched and listened and breathed all in my thoughtless innocence a mosquito was drinking my blood! Not only was it drinking my blood, but it had jabbed its proboscis into my knuckle! Now I have a bright moon and an itchy knuckle. I probably have West Nile virus too, but the symptoms of that won't show up for a while yet. The itch is destroying my sanity right now! Good thing the moon is only bright and not yet full, because between a full moon's influence and this itchiness I'd already be engulfed in madness.

Other than that, it's been a very nice day. Now here's this:

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