April 9th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Cooler but Uncool

It got quite a bit cooler here today, except for one area of my arm which ran afoul of some hot cooking oil (that stuff splashes) and now features a series of bright red spots that will probably blister. It doesn't hurt too much as long as I keep it cool. It's going to be an ass-pain trying to keep it out of the hot water when I shower.

The weather bureau is saying rain is likely by Wednesday, and this time I'm inclined to believe the prediction. The air definitely feels as though its bringing something wet. It would be nice to have spring slow down a bit. The red azaleas are already dying back, though the white ones are persisting. Of the two dogwood trees across the street, the pink one is now dense with flowers, but the white one appears to be going directly from bare to leafy green without producing more than a scattering of blossoms. I've never seen it do that before. What's the rush, I wonder?

When I woke today, I actually remembered a dream I'd been having (a rare event). In it, I was visiting some people in an airy house that vaguely reminded me of one I knew ages ago, and it turned out to be inhabited by someone I knew when in high school and who I haven't seen since. My imagination aged the person rather convincingly, and I've been wondering ever since I woke how accurate was the image of him my unconscious had conjured. I have no idea where this person is in reality, or if he's even still alive, so the odds are poor that I'll ever see him and find out. The dream left me a bit sad, though, so maybe that's just as well. Reality could easily turn out to be even sadder.