April 5th, 2007

caillebotte_the orangerie

More Springy Stuff

Today was less insistently gray than yesterday, the noon overcast slowly giving way to daubed light disguised as white clouds which then turned orange for sunset. Before departing, the sun emerged for a full hour and caused the eastern woods to glow, great swaths of green rising on golden shafts. All the moss on the tree trunks has dried and turned various shades of yellow and brown, while bright green grass now covers the ground below. I have not yet seen any puffs of pollen drifting from the pines, but I expect it any day now. The mulberry tree's supply is just about exhausted, so I might have a couple of days respite from the allergens.

This evening I heard the first cricket of the season. It only chirped for a few minutes, but it was a welcome change from the usual evening chorus of frogs.