March 29th, 2007

beavis and butthead

Heh heh heh

The world provided me with middle school humor today. Under the headline "WHO endorses circumcision" the newspaper ran what was probably a press release, from the World Health Organization. The announcement of the organization's recommendation that "...circumcision immediately become a frontline strategy to combat AIDS...." was made by Dr. Kevin De Cock.


Now that mild evenings are here, dusk is a nice time to walk in the back yard. I like to start when there is still some light in the sky, and then watch the detail fade from the world as I make several circuits over the lawn, along the walk, and then around the mostly gravel covered back-back yard where the former owners of the house kept their dogs. (I avoid walking in the corner in which the golden poppies will soon bloom.)

Over the years the gravel has broken down a bit and is now mingled with sand, and this time of year it has many tiny blades of grassy weeds growing through it, so it makes a soft crunch underfoot. It always seems to me that as the light fades the crunching grows louder. The sound it makes changes from spot to spot, depending on a variety of factors I suppose, but I've grown so accustomed to the varied distinctive sounds that I think I could probably make the circuit of that part of the yard in total darkness, the gravel telling me where to turn.

I don't continue into full night, though, but always end the walk about the time the trunks of the pines to the south have become black striations supporting a mottled cloud of barely discernible needles silhouetted against the last glow of evening sky. Then I sit on the porch for a few minutes, until trees and sky have almost blended. I expect to hear the first crickets chirp any evening now. So far, it's still only the frogs. I'll probably only be able to spend the evenings outside for a little bit longer before the mosquitoes begin showing up. Ah, well. The best moments never last long.