March 21st, 2007

caillebotte_the orangerie

Well Sprung

Almost all the deciduous trees have donned fresh greenery or dense cloaks of colorful flowers to greet the equinox. The dogwoods across the street are going to be a bit late to the party, though. They've barely got their underwear on. The shameless camellia bush, on the other hand, got an early start and, with many of its laden branches drooping drunkenly, has already shed quite a few of its blossoms. The pines, meanwhile, have finished brushing away the brown needles which had gathered on their coats over the winter, and have waited patiently for everyone else to get ready. Now they will begin emitting puffs of yellow pollen which will soon coat the ground. The mild air of day vibrates with the buzzing of insects, the soft air of night with the sound of frogs. The only thing missing is the crickets. I saw a small one in my house the other night, but so for I've hard not a sound of chirping, indoors or out. I guess they're waiting for things to heat up. They probably won't have to wait for long.