March 18th, 2007

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Dog and Cat Food Recall

The official website for the pet food recall. It gives lists of all the brands and types that may be a threat. 60 million containers are being recalled in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Cans and pouches of both cat food and dog food sold under many brand names (mostly store brands but also some name brands such as IAMS and SCIENCE DIET) made by Menu Foods are being recalled after many pets were sickened and several died of renal failure.

I actually saw this in today's Sacramento Bee before I saw anything about it on the Internet. Slow Internets.
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Further markdowns!

Another shopping day. I need not go naked for at least another year now. Good fortune for the world. Be sure to thank K-mart.

Shopping just eats time, though, no matter how one may rush. It doesn't help when the store has but one checkstand open.

Anyway, late again. Here's this:

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