March 15th, 2007



The frogs are now fewer in number, and it's becoming possible to pick out individual frog voices from the general chorus. When they first begin to croak, the frogs make something like a high-pitched white noise, but as more and more of them become fast food or carrion for other creatures, the sound deepens and the voices of a few big frogs begin to dominate. It's kind of sad, really, to know that so many cute little froggies (I used to catch them in a vernal pond near my house when I was a kid and release them into my yard, and they are indeed very cute) are getting munched, but it can't be helped. The other beasts need to eat, and most of them are not about to go vegetarian. It's the dark side of spring.

I'm being very disorganized lately and not keeping ahead of things. E-mail is piling up unanswered, and I'm falling behind in my reading. I'm going to blame the early onset of spring and, today at least, the noise made all day by others also infected with the fever.

I'm late, I'm late for an insignificant date.