March 1st, 2007



I guess I didn't catch up on my sleep yesterday after all. I didn't wake up until four o'clock this afternoon. Though there has been some sunshine, it has been sufficient to slowly melt only a bit of the accumulated snow. The road verge is still lined with those awkward clumps pushed aside by the plow and besmutted by passing cars. The lawns are still covered with slick, white carpets which, with nightfall, will harden to shells that will crunch loudly if anyone steps on them. I'm not expecting anyone, so if I hear any loud crunching I'll probably jump out of my skin.

The landscape always looks scruffy when the snow is in decline, but the offense to the eyes brings compensation through the ears in the form of a relaxing, musical trickling of melt water. There were more storms following this one, and I had visions of a whole series of them descending on us, dropping more and more snow until our houses were buried up to the eaves, but the parade has fizzled. It now looks as though it will be no more than partly cloudy for the next few days. In fact, a slight warming trend will probably rid the ground of its remaining snow before Sunday. Back to the early spring, I guess. Drip, drip, drip.