February 23rd, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Still Here

After much putzing about, I figured out how to keep LJ from causing Opera to crash. All I have to do is avoid the login page when I'm not logged in. The crashes were being caused by certain flash ads that now appear on the page. Since I have no way of knowing when those particular ads will be turning up, I have to avoid that page whenever I'm not logged in and want to log in. In other words, the page is now useless to me for its intended purpose.

My support request brought the usual not-particularly-useful advice, suggesting that I reinstall or upgrade the browser or use a different one, or that I contact Opera support or my ISP. So, it's all the browser's fault according to LJ. According to me, it's LJ's fault for not vetting the the ads it runs, to determine whether or not they cause problems of this sort.

But then why should LJ (or Vox, which shares the problem) give a rat's ass? Well, for one thing, people arriving at the site for the first time who might become users are unlikely to do so if their browser crashes when they try to open the page. Maybe it's only going to be a small percentage of the people arriving here who will have that experience, but a company that gratuitously drives away, out of sheer carelessness, even a small percentage of potential customers is being stupid. Blogger will be grateful, I'm sure.


The cold front has passed through, and the afternoon was bright and breezy and filled with brilliant white clouds. The birds came out to peck at the wet soil and I even saw a squirrel hopping about in a pine tree. Nightfall brought an abundance of stars and the light of the half moon. Only a few traces of yesterday's snow remained, shriveling away in shady places. The kid next door was away most of the day, so I was breathing fresh air unsullied by wood smoke. He's back now and has ignited the nasty wood in his fireplace, so I'm moving to the other end of the house to escape the stench.