February 22nd, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Snow! I went to sleep by the soft sound of rain and woke a few hours later to silence. I opened the drapes and everything was white! It hadn't seemed cold enough for snow this morning. It certainly still isn't cold enough for the snow to stick around for long. I'm listening to the melt trickle through the downspout right now, and the streets have already emerged from their white blanket. The gray lower clouds are drifting and thinning, occasionally revealing a patch of blue sky edged by the bright white higher clouds that are catching the afternoon sunlight. There are even a few birds singing.

But now I have to go out and get my head yanked by the chiropractor. Maybe there'll be time this evening to get all nostalgic about the big blizzard of '07. Right now I'm late, as usual.


Taking another step in its relentless march toward total crapiness, LJ has suddenly quit working with Opera, or at least with the version of Opera I've got. The site never did get along well with Opera, but now it refuses to get along with it at all. I'm pretty sure it isn't the browser's fault, as it still works fine with every other website I've visited this evening. I think this sudden change may be related to Vox. I set up a Vox account some months ago, but I've only used it twice. A couple of weeks ago I tried to open a Vox page and Opera crashed. It has continued to crash every time I try to open Vox. Now trying to open LJ crashes the browser in exactly the same way. 6A has been doing various things to make the two sites more compatible, and I think they might have brought some bad Vox code into LJ.

Anyway, I have to use Firefox for now, which I find an asspain. I miss my handy Opera spellcheck feature, for one thing, and on the whole I still find Opera both faster and more stable than Firefox almost everywhere. I've made a support request, but I'm not expecting much from it. Opera users are a small percentage of LJ users (obviously, as LJ has never fixed problems we've had with the site for years.) I'm probably stuck with Firefox now, which means my drafts will be autosaved, but I'm going to miss Opera.

Oh, look! LJ spell check suggestions!
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