January 20th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


There was a bit of wind here last night, but not of the sort that goes around knocking down buildings and blowing cars into one another. It was no more than soft gusts moaning in the trees and gently tousling my hair, like a kindly old uncle who had become an ICY-FINGERED ZOMBIE! If wind is going to tousle my hair, I prefer that it be a warmer wind. But it's winter,and I'll take what I can get, and seeing that the zombie wind hasn't killed anybody or destroyed anything hereabout, I guess I can be grateful. Besides which, the air has gone a bit milder today. That's a nice change.

I'm still grumpy about seeing a flash ad on the LJ login page, though. Evidence!

Still catching up to yesterday. Tomorrow I'll try catching up to today. See how that works out.