January 10th, 2007



Today's paper quoted Steve Jobs' claim about the new iPhone; "...[it's] like having your life in your pocket." Damn. A life that fits into a pocket-sized device. That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

The warm spell is coming to an end, but a bit too late to prevent the premature blooming of the year's first camellia. I noticed the blossom for the first time this afternoon, though it is already full-sized. The other buds on the bush have contained themselves thus far, but are looking pretty perky. A few more warm days would have brought many more of them bursting out. They were wise to wait, as the air now headed our way will be the coldest of the season so far. That one blossom will be brown within a couple of days.

On the other side of the yard there are once again pale purple blossoms on the gladiolus plant occupying a patch of ground warmed by the neighbors' leach lines. They too (the gladiolus blossoms, not the neighbors) are probably going to wither in the icy air that is soon to engulf us. The sky this afternoon was filled with smooth clouds that were burnished silver or gold by the declining sun, and there was again smoke drifting above a number of chimneys. A thin fog hovered in the air as well, and even the pines looked a bit gray. Tomorrow is the day that there could be rain or even snow. I'm glad I picked up that new hoodie jacket the other day. Now what I need is some non-slip boots, then I'll be all ready to go out and fetch the mail even on the icy days.