January 9th, 2007

gericault_raft of the medusa 1


I've still not gotten a dust cover for my keyboard. It's getting very dirty in there. I don't even have a can of compressed air with which to clean it. I just tried blowing on it and nearly passed out from hyperventilating, but not before dislodging a number of fuzzy little dust bunnies. Now the air is full of dust motes. I suppose many of them will settle back onto the keyboard. Ah, well.

Enough about the unspeakable filth in which I live.

There was another mild, sunny afternoon, but being under an enchantment I slept through most of it. Well, that part about being under an enchantment is not, strictly speaking, true. I was suffering the aftereffects of wasting too much time on the Internet early in the morning when I ought to have been sleeping.

Currently, the cat is trying to prevent me from wasting time on the Internet. She does this by curling up into the cutest little ball and falling asleep on the chair at my desk. Unable to bring myself to disturb her, I angle the monitor, sit on the couch and put the keyboard on my lap, the mouse on a pad of paper beside me. It's workable, but just barely, and I won't stay here long. I'm sure the cat knows this. She disapproves of the computer and wants to limit the time I spend using it. She's probably more sensible than me.

Her plan is working. I'm done dealing with this position. Time to shower anyway.