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The prediction of rain for next Thursday and Friday (Saturday has been dropped from the schedule) is getting more interesting. The chances are still 58%, but remain high for a longer time. Rain could arrive as early as late Thursday morning and continue until mid-afternoon on Friday.

Despite this possibility, which this time of year is anything but certain, I watered some of the back yard today. The oleanders are blooming, but were also getting a few yellow leaves, so I figured they need water right now. While I was at it I did some of the other plants— the ivy along the side fence, and the thicker ivy patch in the southern back corner, the odd little volunteer plants I can't identify but which sort of resemble squash (though I can't spot any incipient fruits on them yet) and, of course, the jasamine.

I also watered the other volunteer plants that I've long taken for Lamb's ear, but Googling for a photo of them I discovered that they are actually a similar plant called silene coronaria, which popularly goes by the name rose campion, and is sometimes called bloody William— fairly appropriate given the vivid, almost day-glo red of the flowers. Here's a page with a photo.

This photo was taken in shade, which is when the flowers are at their brightest. In direct sunlight they look much less intense, the color getting both darker and duller. Mine are currently in full bloom, and the main patch of them is quite large, probably sixty or seventy plants, each with two or three dozen flowers, so the sight is impressive, especially in early evening when the sun has gone behind the pine trees.

It was pretty quiet all day except for the buzzing of bees and chirping of birds and the occasional barking of the dogs who live in the house beyond the back fence. Everybody avoided mowing their lawns today, for which I am grateful. It allowed me to smell the jasamine without and unpleasant overlay of gasoline fumes. The failure of anyone to barbecue this evening is also worthy of gratitude, for the same reason. Jasmine is at its best when without competition from industrial odors such as lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes. Also, the vegetarian lasagna I'm having for dinner will be at its best without competition from steaks or hamburgers, the scent of which might make me envious.

No English mystery shows on PBS tonight. I guess I'll have to make do with the American stuff on the Hallmark Murder and Glurge Channel. Fortunately it's not glurge night. Nothing ruins dinner like glurge.

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