December 28th, 2006



Last night the wind rose and brought down masses of dry pine needles which now are strewn over everything. The wind also brought down a length of fence next to the garage. That part of the fence has been down before, and was propped back up, but there's no propping it anymore. It's grown to rickety, and we've had to dismantle it and stack the wood. It's a Robert Frost moment. In the absence of the fence, deer will be able to enter sinister neighbor's back yard and eat the plants. Good for them! If sinister neighbor wants the fence, let him put it back up.

Meanwhile, on my back lawn an angular shadow dances to the noise of a compressor and what sounds like escaping steam. New neighbor, on the other side of the house, has one of those devices which squirts a powerful stream of atomized water with which objects can be cleaned. He usually uses it to wash his motorcycle, but today he is using it to remove the pine needles from his roof. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. Accumulations of pine needles are destructive to roofing materials, but so is walking about on them, and he's doing a lot of walking. His shadow dances back and forth across my lawn, now taller, now shorter, now vanishing for a moment only to reappear in another spot. I enjoy watching the dance, but wish it had better music.

This afternoon I must go to the chiropractor to have my neck yanked again. It's been more than three weeks. The neck doesn't feel too bad anymore, but my joints (for which chiropractic can do little) are very stiff and sore. I think it must be the cold weather. There's been sunlight yesterday and today, but the air remains cold. I wouldn't mind a nice, warm, unseasonable day about now.