December 26th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A rare (since I began using Opera) browser crash consumed my evening entry. It was likely my own fault. I think I had about twenty tabs open at the time, and I was flipping from one to another quickly. Luckily, I had just begun writing the entry and had completed only two paragraphs. Unfortunately, It would take me forever to regather all those pages that got shut down (and which I didn't dare reopen all at once), so I won't be trying to rewrite that entry.

Instead, just more weather. It was rainy all day, and the rain intensified with dusk. Right now it's grown delightfully blustery out there, and I'm enjoying the sound of furious wind and rain. There's a risk that the wind will knock down a tree and take out the electricity, of course, so that I'll lose thisentry too, but I'm not going to worry about it. Instead, I'll just cut it short and turn out the lights myself, and sit in the dark and listen, without the distracting hum of the computer.