December 12th, 2006



Oh, but Wikipedia sucks! Some of the obsessive neat freaks there have begun to eliminate supposedly duplicate categories which are not duplicates at all (if you're unfamiliar with Wikipedia then that sentence probably makes no sense.) The end result will be that a site already often unwieldy and difficult to use will become even more unwieldy and difficult to use- which is I'm sure quite the opposite of the intention of those who've been making these ill-advised changes.

I just spent an hour trying to frame an explanation of what's gone wrong to one of the administrators responsible, but the whole thing is such a can of worms that I don't know that I'll be understood at all. Plus, it's happening all over the place and I've only told the one guy. Even if he stops, the others of his kind will still be running riot (or their 'bots will, making changes that eliminate useful information for no reason other that their owners are clueless about the subjects with which they are dealing.) I'd say the project is doomed over the long run anyway, but this bit of rapid self-destruction going on is depressing to watch. And it lured me into wasting my time writing something that probably won't do any good anyway.

I suppose its my own fault, for getting involved in the place to begin with. Much better to sit here quietly with the lights off, listening to the rain without the irritating noise of a computer humming away.