November 28th, 2006



Funny how the days that seem too short for doing all I need to do are the ones I'm most eager to see end.

The sun did hang out for quite a while, but lacked the power to warm the air to a temperature I'd consider comfortable. I still haven't gotten around to raking the last of the walnut tree's leaves from the back lawn. The grass there has barely turned green from the nice watering the rain gave it and now the carpet of leaves is starving it of sunlight. The front lawn is in straits more dire, as the carpet of mulberry leaves under which it is hidden is even thicker. If the sunny weather holds I ought to get it uncovered soon.

Five bucks a pound (plus shipping costs!) seems a bit high for beans, but they are very pretty. Being heirloom varieties, I could plant them instead of eating them (some of them would probably grow here.) Certain commercial seed outfits charge even more for heirloom beans ($1.50 for two ounces), and this Appalachian bean preservationist outfit is even more expensive, charging up to ten cents per bean in some cases. I don't know when I get the time to take care of bean plants, though.