October 31st, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The description the L.A. Library gave to this picture from their photo database is "A gymnast eats on his hands on a rooftop in Los Angeles." He doesn't, though. Not really. I mean not in any sense that one would expect on Halloween. A photo of a gymnast actually eating on his hands, even in a location more conventional than a rooftop, would be truly interesting.

Quite entertaining, and actually happening, is seeing Glen Greenwald tear Peggy Noonan a new one. Blood! Gore! Somebody scary wearing a mask! That's Halloween!

I was going to find more links but got distracted. It's getting very chilly out, and the waxing moon is gibbous tonight. I have to go out to the back yard and watch the night. I think there might be an owl hanging around. I hope the trick-or-treaters (if any show up in this neighborhood) don't drive it away.