October 30th, 2006

caillebotte_the orangerie


This may have been our last balmy afternoon for a while. Tomorrow is expected to be cooler and a bit cloudy (appropriate for the last day of October) and there may be rain by Wednesday night. The roof gutters are freshly cleaned, so there probably won't be any waterfalls coming off the house even if it turns out to be a big storm. It probably won't be a big storm, of course, this early in the season. Those will come later. The mulberry and dogwood and walnut still have most of their leaves, the oaks have lost about half of theirs, and the pines retain a great many brown needles among the green. There is plenty of foliage yet to fall and re-clog the roof gutters. The waterfall is most apt to result from some future storm. At least a month of gutter cleaning lies ahead as the year declines, but there will be fewer and fewer days as nice as today on which to do the job.

Dark awfully early.