October 24th, 2006



The whole day escapes and leaves me wondering what became of it. I have a vague impression of a squirrel leaping between branches of the walnut tree, but I don't think that took ten hours. Maybe I was kidnapped by aliens and my memory erased. Oh, well, it was only a Monday anyway.

Head yanking tomorrow.


My kitty likes to watch the days begin. She usually wants out before dawn, then most often perches on a counter on the back porch and watches the light grow. If the day is very cold, she prefers to spend the hour gazing from the living room window. Today is an outdoor day, and she is now ensconced on her high place awaiting the arrival of dawn. Kitties are easily pleased.

Scientific American has published a short piece on the long term effects viruses may have on memory. I was going to post this link yesterday, but I forgot.

Need to sleep in preparation for this afternoon's head yanking.