October 20th, 2006

beavis and butthead

Brain Dead

The laziness has taken over. I am a mound of sloth, an almost inert lump occasionally poking a finger at the keyboard. Released from my body, my brain is wandering off on pathways of its own, little concerned about mundane reality-- though it does take the time to remind me that today, for the first time in months, I didn't have a slice of watermelon for an afternoon snack. I ate a few red grapes, but grapes don't provide the rush that watermelon does. I wonder if my blood sugar has crashed? I wonder if I care? I didn't even pay attention to the weather today, though I think it was pretty much the same as yesterday's. All I really want to do is daydream and nap.

In lieu of a proper post, a link, at least: John McCain Makes Death Threat Against Senator.


Something close to a perfect afternoon passes and leaves no trace other than the lingering mildness of the air. The drifts of white clouds blow away, the fallen leaves now lie where they fall, and the chattering woodpeckers have fallen silent. The moon is nearly new and there will be dark sky all night, coinciding with the expected peak of the Orionid meteor shower. The mild night here will provide excellent viewing weather. My only problem is that my neck is still not fully recovered from its recent displacement, and craning it to watch the sky would certainly cause a relapse. I might put a blanket on the dry lawn and lie on my back to watch, but then I run the risk of more tick bites. Lyme disease! Someday, as I say every year, I'm going to buy a cheap outdoor chaise lounge.

My desire to be slothful continues. I think of all the things I might be doing now and decide to do none of them. Well, it's Friday night anyway. If I lived in a place where things happened, I'd be out doing nothing anyway. Might as well do nothing here, where it's the normal behavior on a Friday night.