October 18th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Fixing the Internet, one web site at a time; It looks as though somebody (maybe J.D. Lasica himself) really reads the comments at Darknet. That post, about an international recording industry trade organization that is filing 8000 new lawsuits against people suspected of illegally downloading music, was altered as per my suggestion sometime in the few hours since I posted my comment there. I'm in yr Internetz, changin' yr linx!

James Ingrey of Lincolnshire may be the only guy I've ever seen who is as skinny as I am was. Beer has long since attached itself to my mid-section (funny how it's liquid when you drink it and then it turns to a solid when it gathers around your waist and hips.) My arms are still a pretty good match for his, though. He, however, wears a short sleeved shirt. I haven't owned such a thing since I was about twelve years old. Maybe its easier for guys to get away with flaunting the anorexic look in England than it is in California.

Gee, I missed the Cosmic Trigger Event. I hope that my failure to participate leads to no dire consequences. I think we were supposed to paint blacklight mandalas on the roofs of our houses or something. Also wear UV protection, I guess. Kool-Ade was not served, as far as I know. I'll probably get skin cancer and die anyway.

Need to get sleep so to be ready for this afternoon's oral prodding of the not so good kind. Wake me early if there's a Cosmic Tigger Event.