October 8th, 2006



Bright moon and wind bring darting shadows and flickering light under the trees. I might have heard some animals in the yard, but I can't be sure, the wind fills night with so many vagrant noises. All those skittering leaves going somewhere, me just listening to them go. When acorns clatter on rooftops I start, even though I know what I am hearing. It's all so much the way I imagine bones would sound falling in a heap.

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laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Sunday Not Being Lazy

If squirrel were part of my diet, I could get fat this year. The walnut tree in the back yard is seldom without a visiting squirrel or two these afternoons. The squirrels are going to get fat on all the walnuts. I'll end up with neither walnuts nor squirrel meat. Without the supermarket I would starve. I'd starve quickly, too, because I've got so much stuff to do. Day of rest my ass. Not for me. Or the squirrels.