October 5th, 2006



Rain! At first it fell so slowly that I thought it would do no more than dampen the ground,as it did yesterday morning, but after a couple of hours it turned into proper rainfall, making proper rivulets and pools, and trickling sound in the downspout. The first rain of the fall! Although the night is chilly, I'm going to open my window and turn out my lights, and listen to the rain falling through the darkness.


The cold front passed through late this afternoon, and bright sunlight rapidly dried the pavements. The brown lawn remained damp and attracted a plethora of birds to peck in the softened soil. White clouds trailed away northward as evening advanced, and then the moon rose, almost full, lighting the drifting vapor which has turned the night sky to mother of pearl. The rain was insufficient to make the brown grasses even slightly green, and at least a few dry warm days lie ahead, so the shaggy, late summer look of the landscape will remain for the time being. The gradual autumnal creep is under way, though, and the world seems much refreshed for the brief storm. The air is crisp and smells of damp earth, but a few summer insects continue to fill the night with their sound. This could prove a good night for sky watching, depending on how long the remaining clouds linger. I'm pleased at any break in the monotony, though, however brief. It's been along summer, and fall is most welcome.