October 1st, 2006



I forgot to close my window and thus have unintentionally chilled my room. An overcast has obscured some of the stars and dimmed others, leaving only the east entirely clear. The night air is damp. The damp will dissipate soon enough once the sun rises. For now, I'm enjoying it. October is usually an interesting month here, mingling summery and autumnal elements, sometimes within a single day. This could be useful. A bit of variety might help wake me up. I've been in the doldrums too long, barely attentive, barely coherent. October has considerable allure for me, and some years it has brought considerable change. It's a good month for walks, for going from one place to another. I hope to soon find a better other place.

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I sat on the sunny back porch this afternoon. The air was cool enough to keep the flies away, so I didn't have to keep an eye on my glass of orange juice. Even without the flies, I was distracted from the Sunday paper. October kept rustling dry leaves at me, so I was compelled to watch them flutter earthward. Later, the afternoon clouded up and, though no rain has been predicted, it almost seems as though I might get to see some water falling earthward. Ah, how delightfully gloomy the day has become! I think this augers well for October.