September 9th, 2006

caillebotte_the balcony


In recent years I've occasionally run across photos by James Fee. He died last Monday, but it took five days for his obituary to show up in the paper. His work has been well regarded and is represented in the permanent collections of a number of decent museums. I've never seen any of his photographs in person, but the reproductions I've seen various places I've often found fascinating. He did a number of urban decay pictures which were untouched by the romanticism which often plagues work of that sort, and his numerous landscapes and cloudscapes were almost the antithesis of the work of those myriad photographers who have followed the somewhat sentimental style of Ansel Adams. I knew little of Fee's background, though, and reading his obituary was an experience as startling as seeing some of his photos. I hope I get to see some of his work in person someday.

James Fee

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It continues to grow slightly cooler each day. I'm growing accustomed to this gradual onset of autumn. It is well suited to the monotony which has overtaken my brain.

Also: We're on ur planet, mass-producin' ur cheap goodz! Hong Kong as realized dystopian environment.