July 19th, 2006

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Stalked by Morpheus! I fell asleep several times tonight. Something is trying to de-nocturnalize me. The persistent heat contributes to it, I'm sure, but it's mostly coming from inside my head. I manage to wake up long enough to perform the next nightly task, but as soon as I have a few minutes free and sit down, I begin to nod off. Looking at this screen is making me sleepy right now. I'd better open the bed before I collapse. Did I drink a quart of vodka and not know it?


All the clouds gathering make me wish for a summer thunderstorm, but they aren't the right kind of clouds. These are the sort of clouds that thicken by night and retain the day's heat. There's a smell in the air that reminds me of rotting fruit. There is also the sound of one LOUD cricket in my back yard. He will probably be chirping all night. His chances of finding a female this late in the season are slim.

Oh, summer oppression.