July 17th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Night cooled less than I had expected. Outdoors is mild, but the house remains hot. Already feeling fevered, I find the additional warmth unpleasant. Even the heat radiating from my low-wattage desk lamp annoys me, and the glare of the light itself is aggravating. I don't think I can sit here any longer. Teh Internets will have to wait until coolness returns. I must go outdoors for the remainder of the night lest my brain melt and run out my ears.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A furnace of a day. Exotic plants, even those well-watered, wilt and turn brown. I feel exotic, myself. Maybe I need to be watered- though given a choice I'd rather be beered. A Sierra summer can be a fearsome thing. The pines are sweating resin, and everything smells of that and of dry grass. It could all explode into flames at any moment. I remain indoors all afternoon, the air conditioner running and the windows covered. Going out would be begging for heat stroke.

The heat may have helped induce the very odd dream I had today. A family of monstrous people- four of them, all adults, each at least three hundred pounds, with sour expressions on their unpleasant faces- were taking my cat away, promising to give her a good home. After they drove off, I was walking home, but not to this house. I found myself in front of an altered version of the house I grew up in, and then a furious rain began falling. Just as I was entering the gate, the cat came from behind me and darted into the yard, sopping wet. I was wondering how I was going to hide her from the fat family that wanted to take her away. Then I woke up, not quite in a puddle of sweat but feeling very damp from the excess of covers. Weird.

My headache is considerably diminished so far today, but my joints are stiff, my back is sore, and biting and chewing make my jaw hurt more than ever. Neck gets yanked on again tomorrow afternoon. I hope it doesn't stay hot here all night.