July 12th, 2006

bazille_summer scene


Pleasantly cool outside, but my head is unpleasantly hot. I've been icing it every hour or so. I also set the hose to water the sourgrass, and listened to the cool, soothing sound of it. If water were not so scarce here, I'd let it run all the time. I'd have my own little marsh in the yard, and a trough from which the passing deer and other beasts could drink. It would make a pleasant sound all the time. My head would still hurt, but I'd have a nice distraction.

Time to try making myself horizontal without knocking anything further out of whack.
caillebotte_the orangerie


The cat makes herself invisible all day, then appears, mid-nap, in a shrinking patch of late afternoon shade. I wonder what she does all those hours, and where she does it? Kitties are a mystery.

The weather has turned surprisingly pleasant, the air much cooler than of late and the sky streaked with patches of cirrus clouds. It makes a nice milieu in which I may languish while I wait for the return of my ability to focus. While languishing, one of the things I enjoy is looking at the walnut tree in the back yard. It is producing an abundant crop this year, now a pale green easily seen amid the large, dark green leaves. There will be some happy squirrels once the nuts have ripened.

Evening has brought that layer of pink haze which floats above a dark blue layer int he southeast. It's probably the result of pollution from the valley, but it's nice to look at. A single blue jay is perched on the telephone line out front. It's there mornings and evenings, always looking east. I'll bet that bird knows where the cat goes all day.