June 11th, 2006


Spring's Last Full Moon

The sky was very nearly perfect all night, sheer clouds veiling the round moon, the soft light dispersed to become one great glow. I looked mostly at the land. My neck did not want to bend for more than a moment at a time. Nevertheless, the land was a delight from which the nagging discomfort barely distracted me. The cool and jasmine scented air gleamed with that dispersed light, every path was made visible, individual flowers and leaves distinct, the texture of the grass revealed. My only complaint is that it didn't last long enough.

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gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Ow! Redux

So, about three hours after I manage to get to sleep, intense pain in the right side of my neck wakes me up. This is the second day in a row this has happened. The pain spreads into my head behind my right ear, then into my jaw and the bone above my ear. Yesterday, my first thought was that it might be mastoiditis, because although it begins in my neck, the pain eventually centers on my right mastoid bone.

Well, at least that's a change from my usual suspicion that I've got a brain tumor. Yesterday, the pain lasted for about two hours before I was able to get back to sleep. Today it took three hours. I didn't wake up until five o'clock, and I still haven't had enough sleep. The whole thing is terribly annoying and disruptive. Oddly, my neck doesn't hurt much anymore, but my head feels quite sore. Heh. I'm a sorehead. Also, the excess hair is driving me freaking crazy.

Aside from all that, a nice day. The clouds ares till hanging around, so it's coolish, though still a bit muggy. The soreness of my head (and a bit of nausea) makes it difficult for me to concentrate though (typos in every word!), so I'm done with this for now. Shower.