June 5th, 2006



I'm pretty sure that Johann got lucky last night. Until midnight, he was chirping his loud calling song, but when I went out a bit later he had shifted to the quiet courting song. There must have been a female cricket in the flower bed with him. They've probably spent the last few hours doing their cricket things, which involve ovipositors and such, and so there will be a new bunch of little cricket hatchlings in my yard eventually.

The cricket courting song is very pleasant. It is intermittent, with long gaps between clusters of soft, slow chirps. When it's going on, it reminds me just a bit of a very tiny cat purring. I don't pet the crickets, though.

eBooks@Adelaide is the most recent place I've found for downloading eBooks. It has a modest selection (a bit over 1000 titles) of much the same public domain classics other such sites have, but I found this particular site to be surprisingly convenient in its manner of organization. It's even got a dandy little full-text search feature operated in conjunction with Google.

The scent of jasmine was less intense than I had expected it to be tonight. It was probably a bit too cool for it. It won't be cool for long, I'm sure.

Neck still sore. A trip to the chiropractor may be necessary. Rats!
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Heh. Google has communication problems about GData. Internet comedy gold.

I still don't get why so many people get so upset by mere teats. Or by being denied (by frightful prigs, of course) the opportunity to publicly display images of them in certain virtual situations in which, of course, no actual feeding is taking place!. ("No children were starved in the non-display of this icon.") As for the teat-fear itself, it reminds me of that dictator in Singapore who banned chewing gum from the city. The Bonnet Bee is the most inscrutable of species, and probably the least likely to ever become endangered.

People are being too weird today. I'm going out to look at bugs.