June 2nd, 2006



The night turned starless after midnight when the clouds thickened again. By then the waxing crescent moon was gone, but earlier its light had played across the drifting cirrus in the west. I always enjoy watching that serene spectacle, and it's especially nice in late spring when it is accompanied by the soft, rhythmic chirping of crickets. The cricket population is large this year, and their individual sounds all blend together, except for the few nearby.

There's one in the flower bed near the hose bib who dominates the music. I'm thinking of giving him a name. He likes to make triple chirps separated by a very brief pause, creating the impression that the whole chorus is playing in something very like 3/4 time, so I might call him Johann. Johann must be a very horny cricket. He does the calling chirp (the one the males use to attract females) night after night, starting before sunset and continuing almost until dawn. I've yet to hear him chirp the softer courting song, which crickets play only when a female is near. He obviously has not yet gotten lucky.

I'm wondering if Johann is descended from the cricket who survived in the woodpile across the street clear through last winter, singing loudly every time the weather got a bit warmer, only to finally fall silent forever during the icy period that arrived early in April. I never named that cricket. I also don't know if he ever managed to attract a female during those long winter nights. If he had, I probably wouldn't have heard his quiet courting song at such a distance. Johann is right outside my living room window, so there's a good chance I'd be able to hear even his very soft songs.

Heh. How dull is my life? I'm sitting around waiting for some aural cricket porn! Oh, I need sleep. Looks as though we'll have another cloudy day.


Another gray day with the sun coming out in late afternoon, but today the clouds were big, puffy cumulus rather than yesterday's cirrus. They made for a very lurid sunset. It's a good thing sunsets like that don't last much longer than they do, or I'd have even less time for all the stuff I need to do. I'm running half an hour late as it is.

Heh. Cue the porn music. T.V. news, porn- essentially the same business, anyway.