May 19th, 2006



Though it is only partly cloudy, we just had a brief flurry of rain. It lasted for less than two minutes, but it sounded very nice, making a pleasant accompaniment to the cricket songs, and it was long enough to give the night a pleasant scent of damp grass and pavement. I was intending to water the lawn tonight, but I'm glad I didn't. Water from a lawn sprinkler never manages to smell as good as the first drops of rain, and having the lawn already wet would have prevented that fragrance from rising. The night is cooler than it's been recently, and quite a bit cooler than I'd expected it to be, but the air has that stillness which sometimes precedes a thunderstorm. It would be nice to have a bit of thunder and lightning.

The gibbous, waning moon has only recently cleared the treetops in the east, and slowly rises, now bright in clear sky, now thinly or heavily veiled by various patches of drifting clouds. If there's more rain, I hope it falls while the moon is exposed. Moon-showers can't be seen clearly as sun-showers can, but I enjoy them nevertheless. But any rain at all would be welcome, moonlit or not. Late spring rains are the best of the year, and we've had none yet this season. I'd love to see the dawn through a veil of rain.

I was going to post this last night at nine o'clock Pacific time, but forgot:

Happy 6th Journalversary to scottobear!

(Also, hi to Newt!)

Oh, I think I hear more rain. Must go out and get damp!


I opened my eyes at two o'clock in the afternoon, and thought from the dimness that I had overslept and that it must be at least six. It was merely the overcast sky blocking the harsh sunlight. Good for the overcast! The remainder of the afternoon was a cool, gray delight, with frequent showers of soft mist. Later, it began to rain, and the eaves were strung with beads of water like small, pendulous lights that appeared, grew fat, and dropped to the wet ground, one by one.

The rain has continued into dusk, and the air has grown quite pleasantly cool. Neither the chill nor the damp has inhibited the crickets, who have begun their evening song. It goes nicely with the soft patter of rain. Spring is back! Happy.