April 25th, 2006



For hours, the night was scented with skunk. It lingers even now. I suspect that this persistence is the result not of some poor raccoon or stray kitty being sprayed, but some poor skunk being flattened by a passing car- probably that of one of the paper boys, almost the only drivers out that time of night.

Other than that, it was another uneventful night. I spent much of it poking about on teh Internets, looking for stuff I failed to find. I did, however, receive a it of interesting information which has provided me with an on-line source for black-and-white copes of Sanborn Insurance maps of California cities. I've been looking for such a thing for ages. Unfortunately, they are available for download only in .pdf files. I suppose I'll now have to go looking for a freeware program that converts .pdf's to something easier to deal with. Stupid computers.

Exhausted. Sleep. Dentist and GIANT NEEDLES again Wednesday.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Unworthy of a Subject Line

The view from my window was nice today, except for the fact that the afternoon sun kept trying to burn my eyes out of my head. Balmy weather brought the return of bees whose buzzing set the air vibrating. None of them stung me. A particularly lively set of birds made complex music, which I enjoyed much more than I had the music from the neighbor's radio which had awakened me several times during the morning. Now, too little sleep. Naturally, the pollen is back. I'm beginning to see little puffs of it coming from the mulberry tree with each slight breeze. This probably won't continue for more than a couple of weeks. My monitor could benefit from a sneeze guard at this time.