April 17th, 2006



I wasn't surprised when rain began falling again in the middle of the night. I was quite surprised when it began to snow. The unexpected white stuff fell for only half an hour before returning to the more seasonally appropriate liquid form. Then the fallen snow froze. There were patches of stars, even while the snow was still coming down, and then the storm began breaking up and the moon emerged, its light revealing eerily white trees and lawns and rooftops. Though the rain then ceased, the sound of dripping water continued for some time.

Now, enough vapor remains in the air to turn the waning moon the color of a ripe peach, and the gray morning world is covered with glistening rime. I can take thin coins of ice from the leaves of the bushes and toss them. They make a satisfying cracking noise as they hit the pavement. The songbirds twitter the news. Spring has bloomed with ice.

Ass Off

It doesn't feel right that it's this cold when the sun is setting so late in the evening. It was very cold outside, but the house felt unusually cold, too. I didn't think to check the thermostat until a few minutes ago. It had been turned down to 64 degrees. Well. My brain is on vacation, and everybody else in the house is too nearly blind to be allowed anywhere near the thermostat.

I think I'm distracted because of the upcoming dental appointment. The fact that my jaw was very sore almost four weeks after the previous one, and still irritates me now, is distressing. This appointment will be longer than the last one, and the next appointment is only one week later, so I'm worried about both. Usually, dental appointments don't bother me that much, but this time it hasn't gone well. Knowing that I'll be going in Wednesday is messing with my concentration.

Eh. All sorts of stuff to do.