April 1st, 2006

caillebotte_man at his window

Lost Found as Shadow

The various historical photo databases add new content from time to time, so I check back with each of them frequently, as time allows. Tonight, I saw a recently added picture at the L.A Public Library's photo collection. I haven't uploaded it to scrapbook yet, because I'm thinking I might want to write a fairly lengthy entry to go with it when I post it. I'll have to look at it for a few days, to see what comes to mind. It's a black and white photo of two boys, maybe about six or seven years old, walking along a tree-lined country road, and although it was undated, it looks to have been taken about the beginning of the 20th century.

It is a photo I'd find of interest had it been taken anywhere, but my interest is increased by the fact that it was taken along the road which, mere decades alter, was the busy main boulevard of the suburban area of Los Angeles where I grew up. In fact, I have no doubt that my birth is now farther in the past than the day this picture was taken was when I was born. The changes to the place during my lifetime have been far less than were the changes during those decades between my childhood memories and the photo's frozen moment.

But no more for now. I get the feeling I'm already writing an introductory section to a future entry, and I want to save these thoughts for that.

Oh, and here it is April 1st, and I haven't gone to see what dumb prank Brad has pulled this year. I've got gray dawn approaching, beads of water clinging to the still unopened buds on the mulberry tree, and much chirping of birds. And the beginning of daylight saving time is Sunday, isn't it? Gack! I can't afford to lose that hour of sleep!

Something to See, Plus Weather

Heh. Google is the only site I've seen that came up with something really amusing for April Fool's Day. It takes a minute to spot it, but they've linked us up on their front page.

cinedude (shhh!) features a piece on Harmony Lane, a trailer court in my old neighborhood (nostalgia warning), and an interesting link to photos of it at a site which also has goatloads of other stuff that might be appealing to anyone interested in the more obscure backwater neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The Sacramento Bee today brought the news that the city has just endured March on record. There were several days when we had rain here and Sacramento didn't, so chances are the same goes for us. It's wet right now, though the rain has quit falling and bits of clear sky have emerged. A while ago, I saw searchlights playing against the clouds, so there must be some sort of event over on the other side of town. A Grand Opening, perhaps! But now I see only the waxing crescent moon periodically peeking from the fluid sky. A few minutes ago, a flock of ducks flew by, squawking like Donald, then a flock of some other migrating birds who made high-pitched cries. The night smells so strongly of fresh grass that it's almost as though the lawn had been freshly mowed. I'm going back out to sniff it for a while.