March 30th, 2006

bazille_summer scene


What has happened is that has re-opened its message boards to non-paying users, so I've been spending quite a bit of time there the last couple of nights, catching up (while my free access lasts.) I'm learning some interesting stuff I never knew. I grew up in a fairly rowdy neighborhood, and the boards are livelier than one might expect. I mean, who knew so many ex-delinquents would end up having computers when they got older? I'm still waiting to hear from the guys currently in prison, though (I say this with tongue only partly in cheek- I mean it really was a rowdy neighborhood.) Well, the cons probably haven't heard about the site's policy change yet.

Anyway, I'll probably be back to spending more time in the respectable world of LiveJournal soon. In the meantime, how much of my local weather can you people stand to read about, anyway?

Ah, the mysterious past- the true true undiscovered country!


This persistent gray would be more enjoyable if I had some appropriately moody streets available for long walks. This place is entirely too suburban and bucolic with its ranch houses and soggy fields and dripping woodlands. Gray days and wet pavements demand old brick walls and flashing neon signs, and maybe a streetcar track and the smell of ozone as the trolley crackles along the overhead wires. A bit of diesel exhaust and the smell of popcorn spilling from a movie theatre with blinking marquee would not be out of place, either. Hmmm. I think I'll go see if any of the movie channels on television are running some old piece of film noir.