March 25th, 2006

caillebotte_man at his window

Shhh, it's a Seeecrit

The rain has ceased, and now a splendid fog has descended, filled with gray morning light. The trees continue to drip, and small puddles glisten here and there as the light grows. Vagrant breezes flutter the few leaves which have lately appeared on the oaks, while the first birds of the day stir and emerge from their shelters to chirp or trill or squawk their greetings to the fog-shrouded dawn. The town yet sleeps, its damp streets empty, its chimneys unwreathed by smoke. It would be a nice time for a walk, while the stillness reigns.

There's no reason why LJ friends shouldn't know about my other LJ identity .... (Nostalgia Warning!) Almost all the posts there are locked, but this one isn't (though it might be in parts a bit puzzling to anyone not familiar with its real-world context.) It's the potential readers for whom I may make additional public posts in that journal who I would rather not have coming to this journal at random. I'm secreting this journal from them, not that one from anyone here. Funny how I've grown to trust the LJ readers I've never met (and even random strangers who might fetch up here while surfing the web) with knowledge I'm reluctant to reveal to some of the people I know IRL. Of course, I don't know if this on-line self-bifurcation will prove to be effective or not, but I'm trying it this way anyway. If I make any more public posts to that journal which I think might be of any interest to my LJ readers (also, I have a nice user icon to look at there), I'll link to them in posts here. I don't currently intend to be making links going the other way.

Saturday, so hardly anybody will be reading this anyway, I guess.