March 21st, 2006

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Oh, For Goat's Sake!

Flakes of wet snow are mixed with the rain! I strongly disapprove! I have to go out this afternoon and snow would be terribly in the way. I guess I don't get to decide. On the other hand, I got to decide to stay up this late, and that was just plain stupid, so maybe I'm not qualified to make decisions.

Cat hair in my keyboard.

I'm hoping that the broken tooth doesn't need a crown. The last one, just a few months ago, came to about $800 dollars (and I have no insurance.) That would have been enough for a good printer-scanner and digital camera. Stupid teeth are keeping me technologically backward.

I'm not happy today. I'll shut up until I'm in a better mood.
rudisuhli_demon of love

Numb Tongue

Because the tooth worked on was a lower molar, I had to have the big Novocaine injection that numbs the whole side of your face instead of the little injections in the gums around the tooth that only numb that small area. The tongue will stop being numb in an hour or two, but in the meantime I'll have bitten both it and the inside of my cheek a couple of times at the least, I'm sure. I always do. And I can tell that my jaw is going to be sore for a couple of days, because of the jabbing with the giant needle. Unfortunately, I have to go through it again twice in April, as the tooth is going to need a crown. For the next five weeks I get to eat around a temporary crown which will be threatening to pop off at any time. Stupid teeth. Ooh, taste of blood.

The early morning snow didn't stick, and afternoon became quite sunny. The streams are full and noisy with white water. The storm front having passed through, it has gotten very cold again. I'm going to have to stay in because going out in the cold will intensify the ache in my jaw.

Now I will go eat peanut butter on mushy white bread, because I'm starving but can't chew very well yet.