March 18th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Late Again

The whole town remains damp, even though there has been no rain all night. As much as I've enjoyed the rain, and as pleasant as the woods and fields look when wet, I'm ready for some sunlight and dry air. I'm beginning to get achy from the damp, and achiness is bad for my concentration. Aging has its disadvantages.

I'm going to filter community journals off of my friends page for a while. They've been nabbing too much of my time. Commenting more and posting less makes me duller than usual, even to me.

Sleep. Busy afternoon ahead, and no time of my own.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The chaos is over, and it only took about an hour to coax the cat back into the house once she returned from wherever she was hiding all afternoon (she always makes herself scarce when there is company, for which skill I greatly envy her.) There were thirty or sixty nephews (including the one who lives some distance away and who for some reason looks and sounds more and more like Bruce Dern as he gets older) and nieces and such, and goatloads of digital cameras flashing, with the result that my soul was stolen at least a dozen times, despite my best efforts to stay out of range. It will take me weeks to recover, I'm sure. Anyway, the cleanup is finished and eventually the cat will settle down, eat something and go to sleep instead of bouncing off the walls with nervous excitement (why does the house smell like strange people!?) as she's been doing for the last hour. I'm glad there aren't parties here more often.

Want to enjoy the calm now.