March 4th, 2006



No more snow, despite periods of dense clouds. It's cold, too, though the heat leaking from the house has kept the rooftop snow melting all night and trickling through the downspout. It was pleasant to listen to it. Those crazy frogs were croaking for hours as well. They won't let a bit of snow and ice interfere with their party. I picture them wearing tiny overcoats and scarves.

If it doesn't snow today, I'm going out this afternoon. Monthly shopping. I don't expect anything interesting to happen, either in the real world or on teh Internets. After all, it's Saturday. Nothing happens on Saturdays anymore.


Bright sunlight came and melted all but a few sad clumps of the snow. Glittering rivulets ran along the roadsides and across shiny parking lots, and the streams in their arroyos were full, but the remaining snow was confined to a few shady spots. It left other evidence of itself, though. All the old folks from the upper ridge, who would have come into town to cash their checks and do their shopping yesterday had to put the trip off until today, their roads having been icy or slushy all Friday. The town was a zoo today. Still, I managed to get a few things done, though it took more standing in lines than I'd expected.

That the snow vanished so quickly is hardly surprising, given that we are less than three weeks from the Vernal Equinox. The sunlight was quite warm today. Late afternoon, however, brought a gathering of those moody blue clouds which often precede a storm, and the night air swiftly chilled. Even the frogs who sang through much of the last storm have fallen silent this evening. The night is now as cold as any we've had yet this year, and the crescent moon is wreathed in gauzy vapors. The new storm will almost certainly bring more snow.