March 3rd, 2006


Lexical Poverty

We had what would have been a sun shower, had the sun been up. Rain was falling from a mostly clear and starry sky. That's the problem with calling them sun showers. What are they called at night? Saying "the Devil is beating his wife" is awkward, in addition to making no sense even in daylight. Can't call them star showers, because that suggests meteors. True, the sun is a star and thus the stars are like distant suns, but that isn't a fact that readily comes to mind. That pretty much lets out "nocturnal sun shower" (which sounds like a euphemism for something naughty, anyway.) Crap. A little bit of rain falls out of a clear night sky, and it turns me into Andy Rooney.

Here's this, via doetja: Neurotypical Syndrome.
"Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity."
It's probably old meme (the page was last updated in 2002), but I've never seen it before, so I found it amusing.

No snow yet. The sky is terribly low, though, and the air quite cold. It could happen.

Edit: Snow has begun.
caillebotte_man at his window


I'd say we got about two inches of snow. The truck came by to scrape the street about two o'clock and woke me up. The snow had stopped and was already beginning to drop from the branches, but the oaks still looked like white webs, and the few fir trees in the neighborhood retained some considerable clumps. I saw a patch of blue sky in the southwest, and watched it gradually approach. The sun emerged and the landscape became dazzling for about ninety minutes. I sneezed. Now there are very dark clouds gathering, and it looks as though there will be more snow tonight. I prefer the snow at night, anyway, especially when it's heavy enough to keep most of the cars off the roads. It never gets more quiet here than when the whole town is buried under snow at night.