February 26th, 2006



Weirder and weirder. I couldn't stay awake last night, and ended up sleeping, off and on, from midnight until noon. Maybe I'm coming down with that disease-- Dormouse Disease, or whatever it is. Anyway, I fired up the computer about four o'clock this morning after waking from one part of my unintentional nap, sat down to wait for Windows to load, and the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and it was nine o'clock. I turned the machine off and went back to sleep. Maybe I'll have to start drinking coffee again.

The expected rainstorm has arrived. It began with some furious wind driving a sudden downpour, which led me to anticipate spectacle, but it quickly settled down to a standard late winter drizzle. Now the afternoon is leaden sky and wet, bare branches, and camellia leaves tipped with bright drops of water. A blue jay keeps screeching, but all the other birds have taken shelter. About thirty percent of my brain is awake. I think it wants to take another nap.

Tea, then.

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