February 21st, 2006


To Opening

I'll be glad when the nights warm up again. The gas heat makes me dopey. To restore my brain function, I go out to watch the sky. I like seeing the stars fade until only bright Venus remains, glowing in the cerulean southeastern sky. It is particularly impressive this morning, as all the haze is concentrated near the horizon. With luck, my brain will be as clear as that sky within a few days. Not long after that, I expect to see the oak twigs thicken with new buds. For now, their silhouettes emerge from deep darkness still thin and bare. I anticipate the fresh foliage which will soon conceal them. Even more, I anticipate the evenings when I can leave the windows open to admit the fragrance of new growth scenting the milder air. I've had enough of this close winter room, as enervating as any sultry summer night. Let the season of moderation begin.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Never Catch Up

The only explanation I can think of is that something comes into the room while I'm sleeping and empties my head of all content. I wake up and it's empty. Then I have to start filling it back up. It isn't working. I'm going to try ear plugs.