February 15th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Cleaning Up and Getting Dirty

I finally fed Sluggo the new mouse that's been sitting in a box for three or four years. I had feared that he might spit it up, but he didn't. The old mouse had to go, in any case. It had reached a state of wear so great that, even after a good cleaning, it was spastic to the point of being useless. I had to disturb old dust under the desk in order to reach Sluggo's backside and change mouses mice mouses. I expect to get some terrible disease as a result of inhaling that dust. But, once the mouse exchange was done, I set about cleaning Sluggo's files. I let the room get very cold (it feels to be in the mid thirties outside, so it was not difficult to chill the room), and the Slug operated quite nicely for more than two hours. The Juno inbox is cleaner than it's been for months. Dirty lungs and a clean inbox. I hope it won't prove to have been an unwise exchange. I might have carpal tunnel syndrome too. There was a lot of clicking of "delete" buttons.

The new LJ home page takes a long time to load on dial-up. Too many images, I think. Also, though the "Live Journal Spotlight" might be an interesting feature to attract the attention of newcomers, I'm not so sure that ohnotheydidnt was the best choice of a community journal to link to from the front page. Sure, celeb gossip is popular (ohnotheydidnt has over 28,000 members), but the average post in that community makes the crap that gets posted on MySpace look, well, sophisticated by comparison. Anyway, the more elaborate the front page gets, the more LJ comes to resemble every crappy web site out there. I prefer simplicity. I'd prefer simplicity even if I had a high speed Internet connection.

All the tiny ice crystals up there are catching the morning light and making the gauzy clouds glow mauve and pink. I want to go out and watch them turn white.

Be Careful What You Wish For Department

There could be snow down to 2000' here tonight! I knew it! Winter punked us! I don't know where the snow would be coming from, though, as there are only a few filmy clouds at the moment. But then there were only a few filmy clouds this morning, and the same when I woke this afternoon, but I was told that there had been brief flurries of snow at midday. I slept through a stormlet, then wondered why the walk was damp and the lawn glittering with drops of water in the bright afternoon sunlight. Well. No crickets or frogs tonight, for sure. This was the coldest day I can remember having so far this year. The night will be even colder. And there is definitely either rain or snow coming this weekend. And me without batteries for my portable lamp.