February 14th, 2006

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Time Used Up

Accursed cable decided to show Vertigo. Naturally, I had to watch.

Then I read this interesting article from the New Yorker, about Michael Gerson, who is G.W. Bush's speech writer, and thus the man who is responsible for most of those words that manage to emerge from the President's mouth relatively unscathed. Strangely, Gerson doesn't seem to think his job thankless. The article provides some insight into the actual author of those phrases which W. emits when he isn't blithering. Of course, Bush has an excuse for having been manipulated by the likes of Cheney and Rove. He's slow. But Gerson doesn't appear to be slow. I wonder what excuses he can offer for himself? Whatever they might be, I'm sure they'd be cleverly phrased.

Then, some other stuff happened which was less interesting. Now, no time for anything else. Stupid sun's coming up.

(no subject)

So the power was off for about four hours today while they did maintenance. The first chilly day in a week, and the furnace wouldn't work. The weather has slipped back from April to March. Maybe by tomorrow it will be February again. The cricket was silent tonight, but a few frogs were croaking for a while. Now there are clouds gathering. The moon rises behind them and makes their edges glow. The glowing clouds arrange themselves in such a way that they silhouette one of the bare oaks and make it look as though it is sporting new foliage of pale light. One patch of cloud disintegrates into small puffs, and resembles white blossoms floating away on dark water. I anticipate a night of chill splendor.