February 11th, 2006

caillebotte_the orangerie


Slowly gathering clouds brought a splendid skyscape tonight, enhanced by a moon nearly full. By moonlight, they were gray and silver. Approaching dawn now washes them with pink. Their reflected light brings out the reddish tones in the bare brown oak twigs and the trunks of the pines, as well as the clumps of dead brown needles dotted among the green. The entire landscape glows a rosy hue. Soon the rising sun will crown the ponderosas with brilliance, and the clear patches of sky will grow a paler blue. Crows already caw, and woodpeckers are chattering. These clouds will not bring rain. In fact, the day will be almost hot. I enjoy a mild day in February, but it's going to be above 70 degrees today. Oh, wretched excess! I hope some of the clouds remain, at least.


I heard a strange bird calling from the pine tree next door, for an hour after nightfall. It sounded like a big goose with a frog in its throat, though I'm sure it was no goose. I've never heard a bird call quite like it before. At the same time, there was a deep, booming owl voice from another tree not too far away. I couldn't see either bird, of course. I wondered if perhaps they were rivals of some sort, engaged in a territorial conflict.

A February day that verges on summery is a bit disorienting. Someone in the neighborhood was sufficiently disoriented to light a fire in their fireplace, and the scent of woodsmoke floated on the balmy afternoon air. Some plant or other is also disoriented, releasing pollen which made me feel as though my air passages had begun to grow a cozy fur lining. If this keeps up I'll need an inhaler.

A bit of webloggery:

The Wrathful Dispersion Controversy: A Canadian Perspective is an entertaining piece ofparody a couple of months old, but still slouching toward memehood. It made its way to Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal, where I first saw it, though it originated in q_pheevr's LiveJournal. LJ has gotten so large that its content is no easier to find on site than from outside sources.

I wonder how Roberts and Alito might have decided on the landmark case of Reno vs ACLU, in which the Communications Decency Act, a Clinton-era law gelding the Internet, was struck down ten years ago. I wonder how they will decide in the upcoming battle over the nearly-as-restrictive COPA? (From Wired News.)