February 8th, 2006


Time, Again!

Yow! Sun trying to sneak up on me while I'm distracted! I blame Urban Planet. I had almost forgotten I'd registered at the site (over a year ago, I think), and then I got an email from them the other day telling of new features, so I went to take a look and got hung up reading, and looking at pictures, and following links. Now it's morning and I didn't even notice the last three hours pass. Hey, that place is as bad as LJ for eating time!

Some of the birds who have been flying north lately decided to come back south last night. I wonder if they got a message about a storm in the mountains? If so, nobody told the weather bureau. The newspaper shows clear days with highs in the sixties for the rest of the week. Let's see who is right.
caillebotte_the orangerie


It came very close to being downright balmy today. There are little red explosions of camellias all over the bush now, and the first small, purple flowers have appeared on the sourgrass. The birds who were flying north a few days ago, and flew back south last night, are now flying north again. I'm guessing that they didn't return just to make sure that they turned off the teakettle and locked the door. Birds are seldom that forgetful. They are nothing like Lot's wife.

The lone cricket remains lone. I'm expecting him to be joined by the next generation of his fellows any evening now. Even alone, he makes the dusk more inviting, and I'm tempted to sit outdoors listening to his music and ignoring my mundane tasks. At times such as this, I wish my house were smaller and the garden larger.